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Fast access to responsibility and all the benefits of a motivating career path: GTT is committed to offering its people the maximum of opportunity. That commitment is perfectly illustrated by the provision of support and skills enhancement on a daily basis, underpinned by targeted training policies that enable GTT to rise successfully to the challenges posed by new technologies, new products and services... and therefore new career opportunities.

As the most powerful employee retention tool available to GTT, internal mobility gives our people the opportunity to build a varied career in which they acquire a multiplicity of different skills. Opportunities are also available abroad, with on-site representative positions to manage the partnership relationships we have with shipyards and Group customers.  


Alexandre Lepront, Deputy lead design in the Planning sub-division (Cargo Containment System, CCS).

Education: BTS vocational training certificate in industrial product design, and degree in computer aided design and manufacturing (specializing in the design element). 
Alexandre Lepront joined GTT in 2009.

Alexandre Lepront implements the lead design pre-check, providing the project leader with Mark III and Mark V technology support.
Two years of shipyard experience have given him a comprehensive overview of what his department designs in plan form. 

Guillemets d'ouverture

GTT has been a real opportunity for me; a springboard. Having begun as a designer on the NO96 and Mark III technologies, I wanted to move on and develop my career. Thanks to the trust placed in me by my managers, I was able to travel to Korea and work in the shipyards there. That was a real leap forward for my career. That experience has meant that I can now respond to problems that I would struggle with if all I knew was the theory. I've saved a lot of time. It proves that someone young and motivated really can achieve their ambitions at GTT. I've been given the opportunity to discover a lot of things. And that process continues, because I'm now a reservist for Cryovision, the GTT subsidiary company that inspects ships in service. It's a kind of reward for someone like me who wants more than anything else to learn about and experience other continents." 

Frédérique Coeuille, head of Materials department in the Innovation division

Education: PhD in materials physics. Twenty years of experience in Oil & Gas, first at GDF then at Saipem. 

Frédérique Coeuille leads a team of 50 people in materials and testing.
She coordinates materials testing, qualification and supplier supervision, as well as materials R&D.
Her supervisory responsibilities include ensuring that every aspect of project requirements is met, and that supplier qualification proceeds quickly and smoothly. 

Guillemets d'ouverture

I joined the company originally to look after materials R&D. After a few months in the job, a restructuring project gave me the opportunity to take care of the entire materials activity. A pretty good promotion! I went from managing a team of 5 people to a group of 50. Over and above the euphoria of the moment, I really appreciated how easy internal mobility is at GTT, compared with my previous experiences elsewhere. GTT puts a lot of trust in its people and gives them real autonomy; that's very motivational for them.
My own motivation comes from working on strategic issues as a member of a team. The same is true of innovation, which demands continual creativity. The fact that GTT enjoys an excellent image is undeniable, and that's something I want to continue passing on to the teams through the topics we coordinate."

Pierre Emmanuel de Sèze, Operations deputy director in the Technical division

Education: naval architect from ENSTA Bretagne (formerly ENSIETA). He made his final internship studies at GTT
Pierre Emmanuel de Sèze joined GTT in 2003.

Pierre Emmanuel de Sèze and his team provide remote and on-site support for customers. Together, they cover every stage in the life of the ship: the shipyard where the Operations sub-division acts as the interface between the shipowner and the shipyard; the ship's first cargo of gas; the 5-yearly technical inspections; and any incidents via the support hotline or onboard the ship itself, if necessary.

Guillemets d'ouverture

When I first arrived at GTT, I was given predominantly theoretical tasks, such as researching the sloshing effect, which gave me the opportunity to link fundamental research with practical application. After working as a hydrodynamics engineer for four years, I was appointed as head of this department and its 15 staff in 2007. Since then, we have radically changed our methodologies, as well as the architecture and missions of the department. It has been a superb example of trust, not only technically, but also organizationally! As a team leader until 2012, I have changed jobs without ever having had the time to become in the least tired of them! I should say that throughout my career, I've had a real interest in the sea. Working with ships really fascinates me, and GTT has made it possible to pursue that interest. My job today consists of putting together new projects within the sub-division, as well as other projects in direct contact with customers. Movement is the strength of the company: people move on, and GTT moves on with them: there are three times more of us now than when I arrived, and the number of projects we handle is increasing and becoming more diverse at the same time…"


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