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GTT Inside #15 - June 2019


Message from Karim Chapot, Techical Director, GTT

Karim Chapot« LNG carriers are among the safest commercial ships in the world.

The LNG shipping industry’s track record is outstanding, with no major incident occurring in more than 50 years of operations at sea.

The design and construction of the ships, and in particular the LNG containment system, plays a significant role. Another key reason is undoubtedly the excellence of operations of LNG ships.

As you will read in this special issue, the combination of the operational expertise of LNG crews with a deep understanding of LNG behaviour helps maintain the excellent track record of the industry.

GTT has developed models to assess how the cargo behaves based on its composition, temperature, pressure and other parameters. Such knowledge combined with a shared experience with seafarers sits at the core of GTT’s Emergency Response Service (ERS).

I hope you will enjoy to learn more about how GTT’s ERS (HEARS®) helped Teekay face a rollover situation on one of their LNG carriers. »


The Emergency Response Services (ERS) can help ship-owners to respond to unexpected events.

As you will read in this article, GTT’s ERS – named HEARS® –, can also provide assistance to minimise the commercial incidents for the client.

In 2018, the Methane Spirit, a 165,500 m3 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carrier owned by Teekay faced a potential rollover situation during a loading operation.






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