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GTT Inside #13 - September 2018


Message from Philippe Berterottière, Chairman & CEO, GTT

Four years after its first edition, GTT Inside is evolving. I am pleased to present to you a new formula; 100% digital, with an aim to meet more efficiently your expectations and reading habits.

If the design is changing, we will continue to focus on our technical news. Innovation and transparency are in GTT’s DNA, so we need to keep you informed on a regular basis.

In this issue, you will discover the solutions developed by GTT and Ascenz, our new subsidiary, to optimise loading and bunker operations, as well as a presentation of LNG Brick®: a compact and easy-to-install LNG storage tank, designed for commercial ships fuelled by LNG.

Please share your comments on this new formula, on the articles and your suggestions with us.

I hope you will enjoy reading this new issue!



GTT LNG Brick®: fuel tank for LNG fuelled vessels

With the rise in the use of LNG as a fuel, the marine industry requires new cryogenic storage solutions which are both compact and easy to install. To meet this demand, GTT has developed the LNG Brick® technology which has successfully completed a test campaign in early March 2018.



Bunker accuracy is crucial for shipping

Focus on a service provided by Ascenz, a Singaporean company specialised in the Smart Shipping, who joined the GTT Group in December 2017.



More flexibility for the cooling down of membrane tank

In order to deal with specific situations that vessels may encounter before LNG loading, GTT has revised the cargo tank cooling down criteria.





  • 24-27 September 2018
  • 22-26 October 2018
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  • 4-8 November 2018


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