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Bunker accuracy is crucial for shipping


Bunker accuracy is crucial for shipping

Focus on a service provided by Ascenz, a Singaporean company specialised in the Smart Shipping, who joined the GTT Group in December 2017.

As fuel consumption is one of the major operational costs for owners and operators, it is crucial for accuracy and transparency during the bunker transaction. As part of bunker accuracy, the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has taken the first step by mandating the use of mass fl ow meters (MFM) for all bunkering activities in Singapore with the implementation of TR48.

Ascenz too encourages the use of MFMs for accurate bunker measurements, especially for their customers on the receiving end. Aside from its direct measurement of mass (as bunker fuel is purchased in tons), the meter is often preferred due to its high accuracy, reliability, and capability of handling challenging fluids.

Ascenz prides itself in delivering transparency for customers with its monitoring systems. Since its incorporation in 2008, the company has provided monitoring systems to more than 400 vessels. Ascenz’s customer base includes container vessels, workboats, bunker vessels, and tankers. Companies such as China Merchants Shipping Company (CMSC), one of the world’s largest energy transportation enterprise with a longstanding history of 145 years is a well-known user.

Owning one of the largest fleets of VLOC and LNG carriers, it was critical for the company to effectively manage their bunker procurement and assessment. Without the proper monitoring system, losses incurred from measurement inaccuracies could contribute substantially to the company’s overall expenses.

CMSC received its first vessel installed with Ascenz system in December 2014. Since then, the group has extended the installations to a total of 14 vessels. As a proof of Ascenz bunker monitoring system accuracy, a competency test against an MPA approved bunker barge was conducted for its latest installation on a tanker.

The following results were recorded:


Start Date/Time

End Date/Time


Total Delivered

Ascenz’ Bunker Meter






4081.472 t

MPA Approved Bunker Barge

4095.63 t


-14.158 t


- 0.35%


All MPA approved meters undergo comprehensive assessments and calibrations to ensure that its overall expanded uncertainty falls within the acceptable tolerance range of 0.5% for system accuracy. Similarly, all of Ascenz bunkering monitoring systems and their associated MFMs are tested for their high reliability.

This assessment of the Ascenz monitoring system against the MPA-approved system demonstrates high accuracy with the results indicating a mere 0.35% difference which is within accuracy parameters.

By relying on the Ascenz bunkering monitoring system, shipowners are assured of the accuracy and overall transparency it brings to its bunker procurement and operations. The comparison made against the TR48-approved system assures our customers that our system meets the leading bunkering standards on MFM-based systems.

Full transparency and traceability not only ensure the conformity for both buyers and suppliers, but also reduces uncertainties. This allows companies to have better control over their bunker costs for more accurate decision making, potentially bringing very significant savings.

Ascenz contact: Gary Ong - Ascenz Solutions - +65 6841 5219 -

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