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Proven experience in maritime transportation and storage of LNG

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GTT – a trusted partner for shipyards

Qualification, design, methods of construction and selection of subcontractors: GTT is the leading advisory partner for shipyards constructing LNG carriers

Innovating for the benefit of the LNG industry

GTT carries out significant R&D work to optimize customers operational performances

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LNG as a marine fuel

Membrane technologies now allow optimal use of LNG as a maritime fuel, with, in particular, a minimal loss of cargo volume



GTT entrusted by Hyundai Heavy Industries with the tank design for four new LNG Carriers

GTT obtains tank design order for two new LNG Carriers from Samsung Heavy Industries

GTT group remains the champion in terms of the number of patents published in 2020, in 1st place in the INPI's list of ETI patent applicants

GTT attends the first LNG onshore storage tank roof airlifting ceremony organised by BGG

GTT will design two very large LNG land storage tanks in China




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