GTT technologies are now installed in most of the world's operating fleet of LNG carriers. As well as being competitive, they offer distinct benefits in terms of energy efficiency and vessel navigability.

GTT is a leading stakeholder in the cryogenic confinement and very low temperature systems used by the shipping industry to transport LNG. Its Mark and NO membrane technology systems provide a reliable and safe solution for the bulk transportation and storage of LNG.

Approved by leading international certification services, they are accepted and specified by all the world's leading gas operators. They continually benefit from a unique source of feedback direct from marine operations.

The systems developed by GTT are manufactured from thinner and lighter materials than those used by competitor systems, and therefore deliver the following benefits:

  • Optimized cargo volume
  • Lower vessel construction and operating costs
  • Greater vessel energy efficiency
  • Improved navigability

The technologies developed by GTT are also based on a modular design philosophy that enables flexible installation in vessels of all sizes.

GTT technologies are available to the world's leading shipyards under the terms of licensing contracts. GTT also offers technical, construction and engineering services to help its customers implement its systems with maximum effectiveness.