Making the best decision is key to successful projects. Clients can benefit from GTT’s advice through consultancy services, but and also ask for engineering studies to refine any kind of project. 


GTT offers consultancy services to help ship-owners make the best decisions at a very early stage. For instance, to support the growth of LNG as Fuel, GTT is able to advise its partners and customers on subjects such as gas system design, managing bunkering operations, optimising the positioning and design of tanks in order to limit the impact on cargo, etc.


In addition to the studies provided to shipyards and EPC service providers for their construction projects, GTT provides studies on highly specialised technical issues. During pre-project phase, GTT is able to provide:

  • concept or basic design studies to analyze and define projects' characteristics: estimation of preliminary costs and construction lead times; detailed engineering of Cargo Handling Systems (CHS);
  • front-end engineering and design (FEED) work for LNG as fuel, LNG shipping, and other LNG applications (FSRU, Floating Power Plant, Gravity Based System, etc.)

These studies can also deal with vessels or units which are in operation. They consist of upgrading the characteristics of a vessel in operation (LNGC, FSRU, etc.). For example:

  • addition of new equipment (top filling line, reliquefaction, etc.),
  • increase of maximum tank pressure,
  • LNGC to FSRU conversion,
  • FSRU relocation,
  • FSRU LNG tank maintenance optimisation,
  • etc.

GTT also provides studies related to operations at sea, aiming to increase ships operational flexibility, improve performance and manage operational risks. For example:

  • BOG management (operational profile optimization, LNG ageing, pressure rise, etc.),
  • sloshing studies,
  • LNG ship-to-ship transfers,
  • cargo mixing and rollover,
  • etc.