GTT offers an extended range of high-added-value services to provide operational support for shipyards and ship-owners throughout their operations and vessels’ lifecycle.

  • Construction assistance. GTT assists its clients during the construction phase. 
    It goes from materials testing and supplier approval to technical assistance during production, erection and gas trials.
    More than 40 GTT representatives on-site provide technical and organizational advice and ensure that the necessary information is provided to the shipyard or the EPC service provider for the construction of the membrane tank. They also ensure adequate implementation of GTT technologies by the licensee and oversee the final phase in construction of the tank. 
  • Emergency Response Service. GTT provides a telephone hotline service for assistance in emergency situations called HEARS®(Hotline Emergency Assistance & Response Service). It allows ship-owners and their crews to contact GTT specialists 24 hours a day, 7/7 to report any incidents and obtain assistance.
    Joint preparations between GTT and crews are realized to be ready if any emergency situation arises (training of clients on emergency situations and response, joint drills, review of cargo operating manual’s emergency procedures).
  • First LNG as fuel operations. GTT can help to support operators in their first LNG operations. Technical support can be provided such as simulation of LNG bunkering operations (under many conditions), operational guidance and optimisation.
  • GTT also provide its customers with on-board technical assistance.