The ambition of GTT is to ensure safe, secure access to the clean energy source offered by LNG at an economic price. Its organizational structure is built around a strong mission statement, a set of core values and an ethics charter, which together provide the effective means to fulfill this ambition.


"Our mission is to conceive cutting edge technological solutions for an improved energy efficiency.
We bring our passion for innovation and our technical excellence to our customers, in order to meet their transformation challenges both for today and tomorrow.
The GTT teams are the cornerstone of this mission.
Committed and united, we are determined to contribute to building a sustainable world"


Its market flotation in 2014 extended these responsibilities, and accordingly, GTT has prepared an ethics charter to act as the benchmark reference for the company, its subsidiaries and its stakeholders in their behavior, attitudes and actions. Its keywords are: "Acting in Accordance with Laws and Regulations", "Establishing a Culture of Integrity", "Behaving Fairly and Honestly" and "Respecting Others". Every employee is responsible for applying these ethical principles on a day-to-day basis through their personal behavior, and every manager is responsible for promoting the deployment and implementation of the ethics charter within his or her own team.

In that context, GTT has implemented an anti-bribery programme and received ISO 37001 certification in October 2018. 

It has adopted several procedures:

  • Conflict of Interest Prevention Procedure
  • Reporting Collection Procedure - Any alert should be carried out using the following email address: 
  • Gifts and Hospitality Procedure
  • Supplier and Partner Code of Conduct


Safety, excellence, innovation, teamwork and transparency are the values that underpin everything GTT does. Implementing these requirements and this culture is what has enabled the company to achieve the status it now enjoys at a global level. They have also enabled GTT to build substantial long-term relationships with its customers.


GTT operates in the liquified gazes transportation and storage technologies sector, which requires the Group to place enormous importance on safety. GTT must ensure the safety of its employees, technologies, services and customers.


GTT relentlessly pursues excellence in all its processes as part of maintaining its presence in the markets it serves now and in the future.


GTT technologies have gradually come to dominate the global market, setting a series of benchmarks for liquified gazes transportation. This commitment to innovation continues at every level from technology to organizational structure, and is the non-negotiable condition for the company retaining its technological lead. 


The business activities of GTT demand teamwork at all times, not only internally, but with its customers, its customers' customers and its suppliers.


Boosting transparency in all its relationships allows GTT to build long-term trust-based partnerships with its direct customers, end-user customers and employees.

ISO 37001 Certification
"​Integrity is a core value at GTT. It forms the basis of our company’s central role in its sector, the importance of the issues it manages, and the trust it enjoys.
GTT was one of the first French companies in any sector to obtain ISO 37001 certification in 2018. This certification demonstrates the robustness of our systems and the seriousness of our commitments.
Upholding our ethical values, individually and collectively, as formalised in our Charter of Ethics, is especially important as our company grows and diversifies.  The fight against corruption is one of our ethical commitments. We are determined to uphold, as we always have done, the highest international standards on business ethics.
The reputation of our company depends directly on the behaviour of each and every one."
Philippe Berterottière, Chairman & CEO