Philippe Berterottière latest interviews

Chairman and CEO of GTT


Proven experience in maritime transportation and storage of LNG

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GTT – a trusted partner for shipyards

Qualification, design, methods of construction and selection of subcontractors: GTT is the leading advisory partner for shipyards constructing LNG carriers

Innovating for the benefit of the LNG industry

GTT carries out significant R&D work to optimize customers operational performances

container ship

LNG as a marine fuel

Membrane technologies now allow optimal use of LNG as a maritime fuel, with, in particular, a minimal loss of cargo volume



GTT receives four Approvals in Principle from ClassNK on its latest development projects in alternative fuels

Marorka signs an important contract for its "Smart Shipping" solution with a major European player in maritime container transport

GTT entrusted by Samsung Heavy Industries with the tank design of two new LNG Carriers

Solid results for 2022; exceptional commercial performance offering unprecedented visibility; 2023 revenues and EBITDA expected to grow strongly

OSE Engineering is part of the HyMot consortium for the development of a hydrogen engine for lightweight utility vehicles