LNG carrier at sea

Proven experience in maritime transportation and storage of LNG

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GTT – a trusted partner for shipyards

Qualification, design, methods of construction and selection of subcontractors: GTT is the leading advisory partner for shipyards constructing LNG carriers

Innovating for the benefit of the LNG industry

GTT carries out significant R&D work to optimize customers operational performances

container ship

LNG as Fuel

Membrane technologies now allow optimal use of LNG as a maritime fuel, with, in particular, a minimal loss of cargo volume



Very large success of GTT’s first international employee shareholding plan

GTT and PipeChina Innovation sign a License Agreement for the use of GTT membrane containment technology for onshore LNG storage

With 64 patents filed in 2023, GTT maintains its leadership position among patent-filing ETIs

GTT announces the launch of its employee shareholding plan

Q1 2024 revenues: Outstanding growth of 81%; good order momentum continues




Gastech exhibition