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NO96 Flex system

It is the latest evolution of the NO96 technology under GTT’s program of continuous optimisation to meet the requirements of ship-owners and shipyards, and to reduce the daily boil-off rate of the technology to 0.07%V/d.

NO96 Flex concept

This evolution is an important step in GTT’s Cargo Containment Systems (CCS) development program: the whole insulating components are updated to use Polyurethane (PU) foam at primary and secondary levels.

Most importantly, the anchoring elements of the CCS are also optimised in order to further increase the thermal performance of the insulation.

The concept

The NO96 Flex membrane system is made up of a fully redundant membrane and insulating system, directly supported by the ship’s inner hull. It includes two independent metallic membranes, both supported by a layer of insulating material.

The primary barrier, directly in contact with the cargo, is a corrugated stainless steel membrane, adapted from GTT’s Mark technologies, whereas the secondary barrier, achieving full redundancy of the tightness function, is a Fe-36%Ni alloy membrane.

NO96 Flex concept