CHI zhoushan is ready for LNG carrier repairs


This news was published by COSCO Shipping on November 11th, 2018.
[in English only]

Following the strategic agreement signed between COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co.,ltd(CHI) and GTT last year, as a part of the plan, CHI and GTT have signed the Technical Service Agreement(TSA) on November 8 in Shanghai during the first CIIE.

TSA is well recognized by world’s LNG shipping companies, is considered as the “ticket” of a shipyard stepping into LNG carriers’ repair & conversion field, which proves and qualifies the shipyard’s capability of undertaking the repairs and conversion of a membrane type LNG carrier.

In this July, GTT had worked together with CHI Guangdong shipyard on a Mark III type LNG carrier “LNG Lucia Ambition”, the project was the first LNG carriers that a Chinese shipyard has ever done with intensive membrane type cargo tank repairs, and was completed very successfully meeting the satisfaction of all parties.

LNG carriers’ repair & conversion business is one of the direction for CHI to focus on in future, the signing of this TSA will help CHI and GTT to promote them to world’s LNG shipping companies.

Nowadays, CHI is talking with those major LNG shipping companies about the future potential cooperation, both CHI and GTT are confident to build China to a world’s LNG carrier repair base and CHI will be one of the core shipyard.