News Newsletter GTT Inside #3 january 2015


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"GTT is well known for our membrane containment systems for LNG carriers, which have and continue to be our core activity. In this issue of GTT Inside, you will discover how we reinforce our containment systems and also other important contributions GTT is making to other areas of the overall LNG containment system environment, including an innovative tank sump design for optimization of cargo use and Emergency Departure Procedures. We are committed to continue improving our technologies in order to meet market expectations. We will also give you an insight into the advanced high-density foams which can be used in GTT systems for specific applications such as offshore units and the transport of other liquefied gases (ethane, butane, etc.). As we enter 2015, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the coming year and hope that GTT will continue to meet and surpass your expectations."

David Colson – Commercial Vice President

In this issue:

  • TECHNOLOGIES / Mark III High Density (HD) Foam
  • INNOVATION / Maximizing Operational Volumes
  • OPERATIONS / The GTT Emergency Departure Procedure

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