GTT, ranked n°2 for the percentage of female executives in the executive committee (SBF 120 ranking)


On March 15, 2018, Le Point newspaper published a survey on the level of female presence on the executive committees in SBF 120 companies.

Among the 118 companies which were scrutinized, GTT serves as a good example for a level which is well above average: 3 out of its 7 members are women, which represents 43% of the executive committee. In addition, Frédérique Coeuille is the head of the innovation directorate, Isabelle Delattre of the human resources directorate and Lélia Ghilini of the legal directorate.

The study revealed an average level for executive committees is 15.8% and places GTT in 2nd position.
A good ranking that GTT will maintain in the years to come!