GTT unveils its mission statement and incorporates it into the company by-laws


Paris – June 16th, 2020. Jointly developed over several months, involving its stakeholders, first and foremost all its employees, the GTT mission statement was 99.99% approved by its shareholders at the company Annual General Meeting on June 2nd. It will therefore be incorporated into GTT's by-laws.

This approach anchors GTT's long-term ambition to meet the challenges of energy transition by developing technologies that are increasingly efficient from an environmental point of view. It is an important step that reaffirms the commitments to social and environmental responsibility that are part of the Company's DNA. Because of the nature of its business, historically linked to LNG, and thanks to the expertise of its employees, GTT is actively contributing to the development of an environmentally friendly maritime world. Inventing more energy-efficient solutions is still today one of the main challenges of its innovation policy.

GTT mission statement 
“Our mission is to conceive cutting edge technological solutions for an improved energy efficiency.
We bring our passion for innovation and our technical excellence to our customers, in order to meet their transformation challenges both for today and tomorrow.
The GTT teams are the cornerstone of this mission.
Committed and united, we are determined to contribute to building a sustainable world”

"Our main aim is to combine technical success, economic performance and environmental efficiency. Defining our societal and environmental role and the meaning we give to our actions enables GTT's stakeholders, in particular our employees and our shareholders, to be guided by this perspective”, says Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT.

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