New issue of GTT INSIDE: The GTT newsletter (january 2017)


"GTT provides solutions for the technical problems encountered during improvements and modifications to ships. GTT provides support to construction sites, shipowners and operators throughout the duration of a ship’s life. The company conducts engineering studies on behalf of its clients in order to address very specific technical problems related to the improvement of operational modes, to ensure compliance with regulatory constraints, to prolong the life of the ships and, to optimise performance levels at sea. GTT possesses a sizeable database containing full records from all of its operations carried out on ships. Mathematical and experimental models are used to predict likely conditions, enabling GTT to anticipate the possible risks of failure, assess their likelihood and justify the technical choices with classification societies.

The introduction of sensors and measuring systems has enabled GTT to access relevant operational data that further increase our capacity to predict physical phenomena such as the warming of the cargo and the operational level of BOG (boil-off gas). By correlating this data with mathematical models, we are able to simulate specific operations such as STS (ship-to-ship) and to optimise levels of BOG consumption.

As such, the studies are supported informed by on-board observations and measures, which enable the development of even more robust solutions and make the GTT engineering model unique. Any proposals made or modifications suggested are therefore covered by a guarantee for fleet safety. By taking this approach to such technical issues, GTT is now fully recognised for the quality of its studies by all the main players in the LNG sector. 
I invite you to read this latest edition of GTT Inside, which is dedicated to the subject of engineering studies. You will discover more details of the assessments conducted by GTT.

As we enter 2017, I would also like to wish you all the best for the coming year and hope that GTT will continue to meet your expectations."

David Colson – GTT Commercial Vice-President


In this issue: 

Assessment of ship-to-ship LNG transfer

Vessel life extension

Vessel improvements

Bespoke training for the technical maintenance of GTT solutions at the shipyard

FSRU Retrofit

GTT's Newsletter # 9 - January 2017