News Newsletter GTT Inside #1 july 2014


"Quite often at GTT, we notice that people in the LNG industry are not fully abreast of all our activities. More importantly, they do not receive technical information from us in a timely manner. Obviously, it is our responsibility to pass on information that could be of interest to you! The purpose of this newsletter is to improve on this by giving the LNG industry a regular link to GTT. Our aim is to communicate every quarter useful technical information and new technological developments as well as to inform you about our growing services offer. We hope that you will find it useful and timely. In the not too distant future we will be asking you what you think so it can be improved to meet your needs. Meanwhile, at GTT, we are very excited about having a new way of being in contact with you. Let’s talk on a regular basis!"

Philippe Berterottière, Chairman & C.E.O.

In this issue:

  • TECHNOLOGIES: GTT Experts exchange with LNG industry players at 2014 ISOPEConference in Korea
  • NEWS: Real-time monitoring of sloshing for LNGCs using SloShield™
  • MEETINGS: Posidonia 2014 – GTT brings focus on LNG as a fuel
  • SERVICES: GTT Training is up and running!

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