Newsletter GTT Inside #7 February 2016


"Welcome to this first issue of GTT Inside for 2016.
You will learn more about the LNGreen project development carried out in close cooperation with Hyundai Heavy Industries, Gaslog and DNV-GL. This study was designed to improve vessel consumption by around 8% by optimizing the vessel form and the LNG tank dimensions. Initially studied with Mark III, this vessel design can also incorporate the latest Mark V technology to further optimize construction and guaranteed daily boil-off rate.
Such technological innovation is enabled partly because GTT participate fully in gas trials of LNG, that we are speaking of on page 2. This and other returns on experience allow us to adjust our technologies to real operational constraints. Our contribution to these trials will be further explained.
Other highlights are the inclusion of membrane land storage technologies on the US (NFPA 59A) and Canadian (CSA) standards as well as the availability of the new GTT LNG operations simulator, G-Sim. This software will contribute further to the training of gas officers and improve safety in operation.
I hope that this issue will be of interest."
Karim Chapot, Technical Vice-President
In this issue
  • INNOVATION / LNGreen project reawarded
  • TRAINING / G-Sim now available
  • OPERATIONS / Gas trials
  • STANDARDS / Land Storage Membrane Full Integrity gets full recognition of the world leading US STD NFPA 59A