GTT launches LNG Advisor, a boil-off gas monitoring system for LNGCs


Paris – October 29, 2015. GTT, the world leader in the design of membrane containment systems for the maritime transportation and storage of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), announces the launch of a new offer with LNG Advisor. Designed for LNGCs, it is a new boil-off gas (BOG) monitoring system during LNG sea transport. 

LNG Advisor will provide on-board crews and onshore teams with real time reliable data on the energy performance of the ship. The system automatically monitors the engine and the gas combustion unit consumptions of boil-off gas, marine diesel oil and heavy fuel oil as well as the natural and forced BOG during navigation. Other influencing parameters such as the tank vapor pressure, the ship cruising speed and the ship motions are also continuously monitored. The system also features a tool that calculates the LNG saturated vapor pressure, therefore allowing analysis of the real thermodynamic state of the cargo. Lastly, an LNG heel calculator is also included to help crews estimate the LNG required for the ballast passage.

LNG Advisor offers greater visibility on the operational performance of vessels to ship owners and, optionally, to charterers. 

LNG Advisor will be marketed by Cryometrics, a GTT’s fully owned subsidiary, being currently incorporated.  Cryometrics will provide other high value added services aimed at optimizing the operational performance of LNG carriers (LNGCs) and vessels carrying other liquefied gases as well as LNG fueled vessels. This will include unrivalled decision making tools helping crews in the optimization of the ships’ energy consumptions. 

Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT commented: “LNG Advisor illustrates GTT’s ambition. Beyond the state of the art technologies we provide, we are keen to support ship owners and charterers in optimizing the operational performance of their vessels. This will benefit all the LNG industry. Our new service which provides reliable data on the ship’s energy performance is only a first step. We will further develop high performance systems helping crews to optimize their operations and reduce the losses related to boil-off gas”. 


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