GTT receives an AIP from Lloyd’s Register for a 4,000m3 Bunkering ship concept with a cargo vapour pressure up to 2 barg


Paris –October 26, 2015. GTT, the world leader in the design of membrane containment systems for the maritime transportation and storage of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), announces that it has received an Approval in Principle (AIP) from the classification society, Lloyd’s Register, for its 4,000 m3 Bunkering Ship concept, using Mark III Flex Cargo Containment system and operating with a vapour pressure of up to 2 barg.  

Increasing the upper limit on the pressure up to 2 barg gives more operational flexibility. It allows a more flexible Boil Off Gas (BOG) management during loading and bunkering operations. Thanks to the pressurized membrane tank, the duration of bunkering operations are also optimized by increasing loading flow rates. Lastly, during voyage and stand-by mode, the time before gas pressure reaches the upper limit is longer. This improves the holding time when there is no BOG consumption and reduces the use of any possible reliquefaction plant, thereby diminishing costs.

GTT is now working on similar studies using NO 96 technology and also for applications on LNG Fuelled Vessels.

Philippe Berterottière, chairman and CEO of GTT commented: “We are very pleased to be granted this AIP by Lloyd’s Register with whom GTT has a very close collaboration. We have demonstrated the reliability of our systems to operate beyond atmospheric pressure applications. I believe this new development by GTT, in response to the market requirements, will contribute positively to an efficient LNG as fuel supply chain, and therefore to the growth of LNG as marine fuel market”. 

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