Latsco selects Ascenz Marorka’s weather routing solution to equip part of its fleet


Paris – 11 June 2024. Ascenz Marorka[1], a GTT Group company, announces that its advanced weather routing solution has been selected by shipping company Latsco Shipping Limited to equip eight vessels of its fleet[2].

Latsco selected Ascenz Marorka after a comprehensive market analysis and an extensive one-year testing phase on two of its vessels. The assessment period was divided into two phases. The first phase focused on data input/output, aiming to quantify the accuracy of the platform’s deliverables. The second phase involved assessing the platform's user-friendliness from the point of view of both on-board and shore personnel, and examining how the platform's operation aligns with employee practices and daily workflow. The feasibility and ease of implementation of the platform's recommendations in actual navigation and safety operations were also assessed.

The Ascenz Marorka weather routing solution defines optimal shipping routes by integrating multiple operational, economic and environmental variables, while taking into account a wide range of operational and regulatory constraints. This solution is compatible with various vessel types and propulsion systems, regardless of the fuel source chosen.

Latsco already uses the Ascenz Marorka Sloshield®[3] and Smart Shipping solutions to monitor in real time sloshing activity inside LNG cargo tanks by fixed motion sensors as well as boil off performance of the containment system during operations. Ascenz Marorka’s platform allows technical operators to monitor the performance of various systems such as the cargo or reliquefaction plants. It also provides guidance to avoid roll-over when loading LNG of different densities

Anouar Kiassi, Managing Director of Ascenz Marorka, declared: “We are honoured by the trust that Latsco places in us to support them in their journey towards digitalisation. We are delighted to work hand in hand with a ship-owner who values technology and innovation to achieve major decarbonisation goals.”

Iasonas Zacharioudakis, Operational Technology and Energy Manager of Latsco, remarked: "We followed a structured and thorough evaluation process, developed with Ascenz Marorka, to test new technologies. This process aimed to assess accurately the capabilities of this promising technology, considering the significant challenges in modelling ship navigation. Our goal is to enhance sustainability, improve environmental operations, and optimize our environmental footprint."

George Mavrogenis, Marine Manager of Latsco, stated: "The platform's features were thoroughly assessed for deliverables and ease of application. We evaluated its operational and safety navigation aspects, confirming it integrates seamlessly into daily practices, ensuring both efficiency and safety in our maritime operations."


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About Ascenz Marorka
Ascenz Marorka, a GTT company, is a leading provider of digital solutions for Smart Ships in the maritime industry, offering the one of the most comprehensive, innovative and reliable digital platforms for ship owners and charterers around the world. Ascenz Marorka portfolio comprises solutions for LNG Cargo Management, Electronic Fuel Monitoring, Vessel Performance Management, Emissions Monitoring, Operational and Regulatory Reporting, Weather Routing…

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About Latsco Shipping Limited
Latsco Shipping Limited was originally established in the 1940s when the company’s founder, Captain John S. Latsis, first ventured into passenger and commercial deep-sea shipping. Spanning over 70 years of experience in the shipping industry, the company originally operated under the name “Petrola International S.A.”. Throughout the years, the Group has operated a fleet of over 100 vessels, ranging from Ultra Large Crude Carriers (ULCCs) to dry cargo vessels.

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[1] The contract has been signed under Ascenz Marorka ehf.
[2] Latsco’s fleet include 29 vessels, including LNG carriers and tankers.
[3] SloShield is a real-time monitoring system that uses sensors around the tanks to detect vibrations caused by sloshing. This enables the crew to monitor sloshing activity and its progression in real-time, allowing for early detection and mitigation.