News Newsletter GTT Inside #4 april 2015


GTT’s contribution to the design of LNG Carriers, FSRUs and FPSOs in the form of the detailed design of the cargo tanks is well known. In this issue of GTT Inside, we will highlight the contribution GTT also makes to the Cargo Handling System (CHS) design, from the structural elements (Pump Tower, piping etc.) to the dimensioning of auxiliary equipment used in the handling of cargo and tank monitoring and also, more recently, transfer systems for bunkering applications. On that last note, we will find further details concerning the bunker barge project in the United States, and an innovative small scale storage tank design for local distribution of LNG. You will also find some further clarification on the use of the Thermal Assessment of Membrane Integrity (TAMI) test as well as an extension of the scenarii included in the GTT Hotline service (HEARS). Please read on with interest.

Karim Chapot, Technical Vice-President

In this issue:

  • NEWS / GTT continues the development of the 2.200 m3 Bunker Barge in the United States
  • SERVICES / Thermal Assessment of Membrane Integrity (TAMI) test becomes Industry Standard
  • TECHNOLOGIES / Cargo Handling System (CHS): safe and efficient solutions to operate LNG
  • LAND STORAGE / Towards smaller onshore tanks applications
  • OPERATIONS / New HEARS scenario for emergency departure

GTT's newsletter #4 - April 2015